About me

" I paint what I don't know. To see."

My name is Bleue Roy. I am a French visual artist. These last years, I settled in Provence, in the restless city of Marseille. But I am still curious of everything and will remain the insatiable traveller that I have always been, in all possible manners and directions. Paint and brushes, mixed media are my ways to explore the universe in all its dimensions. And for a break, I also like writing poetry and fiction.

Most of the time my feelings lead me towards lyrical abstraction. Abstraction is my source. Sometimes I feel attracted to a more figurative approach. Whether abstract or figurative, my paintings are the result of a solitary course, an individual exploration venture. I entertain no connections with any type of school, group or movement. I stay away from trends. I walk my road alone. I go where there is no path and leave my trail.

I enjoy to work and express myself in large size formats. I want them to be provocative and exhilarating. My canvases are liberated, dynamic, colorful. They convey a warm energetic universe, where organic shapes thrive. In my work, forms and figures come out from color. Color always comes first. Color is liberation, a release and a source of energy. I like to generate supple patterns. I play with encirclements, rotations, insertions, integrations, overlays, and outbursts. I produce rhythm, using stripes, zebra and rapid strikes that generate tension and bring structured, often acrobatic, balance to my compositions.

Sometimes, I decide to hang a piece upside down or rotate another one a quarter turn right or left to check if it still works. There is no rule, the best position is the one you enjoy most at the time.
I only work in natural light and I pay extreme attention to the way my canvases will respond to changes in lighting. I want them always alive. They must not remain the same at dawn, noon and sunset or when they bathe in the moonlight. Be curious, pay them a visit in the middle of the night !

I have no taste, nor time to multiply monotonous variations on a single scheme. I keep my "series" tight and I move on to something new. At the core of my work is the urge for action not for statements or concepts. I am always looking for the unexpected which is the only way to produce something really surprising. What really matters is the endless search for unforeseen beauty. In my own words: "I paint, to surprise myself."

Since the 80's, Bleue Roy has regularly exhibited in France, England, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, U.S.A. Her works can be found in private collections in Paris, Nice, Marseille, Geneva, London, Milan, Florence, Madrid, Barcelona, Casablanca, Tangier, Miami, Detroit, Caracas, Buenos-Aires...

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