My name is Bleue Roy, I am French and I live in Marseille.

I am a visual artist since the 80's, but also an insatiable traveller. I opened studios, worked and exhibited artworks in France, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela.

Abstract or figurative, my work is always the result of my will to jump into the unknown. I'm always longing for surprise. I do not premeditate, I provoke the unexpected, the spark that produces the event.
I work off-piste, I don't belong to any school, current or group of artists. I swim freely in the broad river of lyrical abstraction. With incursions into other genres and techniques: engraving, sculpture, mixed media, collage, literature.

My pictorial universe is warm and energetic. Color and movement are key. In my painting, dynamic forms are born from color. Color makes everything possible. Color is liberation.

I enjoy to work and express myself in large size formats. I deploy flexible shapes, I play with circles, rotations, integrations, superpositions, overflows. I produce rhythm using stripes, zebra and nerve strikes that generate tension and bring balance to my compositions. I only work in natural light and I pay extreme attention to the way my canvases will respond to changes in lighting. My paintings reveal new dimensions as the sun goes down, until they bathe in the moonlight.
I don't like repetition and variations on a theme that weaken the original idea. I don't produce many or long series. Few works are enough to render an experience. I prefer not to say too much or show too much. It is better to paint one canvas less than one too many. Time is running out to look for beauty where I don't expect to find it. So much remains to be discovered.

My works appear in private collections in Paris, Nice, Geneva, Milan, Milan, Florence, Madrid, Barcelona, Casablanca, Tangier, Miami, Detroit, Caracas, Buenos Aires...