Zzou is a singular character composed of 18 spheres. Spheres are pure shapes that do not tolerate any imperfection.
Their assembly and the bronze chiselling constitute a true goldsmith's work.

Zzou's character represents the culmination of several years of research on the meeting point between abstraction and figuration, geometry and biology, static and dynamics.
This balance is expressed even in the name Zzou, two consonants and two vowels.
All this communicates to Zzou its radiance of freshness and rigour, confidence and elegance, freedom and carelessness.
I like to produce balance in the unpredictable.
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Zzou is doing the plane. 2017. Bronze old gold patina. L : 48 cm, l: 39 cm, H: 61 cm.
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Zzou fait la roue. 2017. Bronze silver patina. L : 52 cm, l : 18 cm, H : 48,5 cm.
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Zzou fait la roue. 2017. Bronze and white lacquer. L : 52 cm, l : 18 cm, H : 48,5 cm.